At Brindabella Excavations Earthworks, we provide a range of services using skilled operators holding the relevant licences including skid steer, excavator, backhoe, front-end loader and HC licences. We work harmoniously with all involved in a project from the surveyor setting survey pegs, to the plumber requiring a trench, from the concreter needing the pad to be ready to the landscaper who needs soil works and driveway construction.


News Update (19/7/2015) :

Brindabella Excavations now offer contaminated soil removal and site remediation as part of our services. We can provide you with a complete service of soil classification reporting with laboratory testing and method of disposal according to governing body


We recently expand our operation to includes:


- Demolition

- Drainage

- Concrete removal

Site Appraisal and Quotes

If you have an intricate or challenging site, a free site appraisal can be provided by one of our operational team by request. The result is greater understanding of the job and a quotation that is specific to that project not just an estimate.


24/7 Emergency Service

Brindabella Excavations Earthworks supplies machinery and operators at short notice for emergency services, utility providers and anyone who has had a contractor breakdown or fail to arrive.


Skid Steers

Wheeled Skid Steer New Holland L175

Track Skid Steer Bobcat T190


- Building Site Clean up

- Site Scraping

- Soil spreading / Removal

- Trench backfilling

- Concrete / driveway Removal

- Site Leveling

- Vegetation Clearing

- Landscape Preparation

- Site cuts/pad preparation

- Back filling of retaining walls

- Rubbish removal

- Attachments


- 4 in 1 bucket

- Pallet Fork

- Street Sweeper

- Demolition Grapples

Tipper Trucks
Canberra excavator bobcat hire | Brindabella Excavations and Earthworks

Scania Rigid Tipper with Plant trailer (12t payload)

Scania Truck and Dog Trailer (29t payload)

- Soil Disposal

- Building Material Disposal/Demolition waste

- Landscape Materials transportation

- Haulage for soil and aggregates

- Sub - Contracting Bulk Haulage



20t  - Komatsu PC200

- Bulk / Detail Excavation

- Loading / Shifting Loads

- Pool Excavation

- Rain Water Tank Excavation

- Strip Footing / Foundation Excavation

- Trenching / Battering

- Site Leveling

- Plumbing Trenching

- Backfill

- Building Site Clean Up

- Tree Stump Removal


With various bucket size for your application:


- 300mm

- 450mm

- 600mm

- mud bucket 1200mm

- Tilt bucket (20t)

- GP bucket (20t)

Mini / Medium Excavators
Excavator hire Canberra
Mini Excavator hire Canberra
Excavator bobcat hire Canberra Australian Capital Territory | Brindabella Excavations and Earthworks

1.7t JCB Mini excavator (900mm wide for tight access)

Komatsu PC50 mr - 1 (5t)


With various bucket size for your application:

- 300mm

- 450mm

- 600mm

- mud bucket 1200mm

- Auger drive with 300mm - 900mm bore

- Demolition grab

- Tilt bucket (5t)